Afrisource Innovation Center
We seek to support open exchange of new ideas among organisations, individuals or group of persons at all levels
What We Do
We Provide Space and Access to Technical Tools and Skills Training Development for Local Small Holder Farmers and SME’s.






The Core of Innovation is the ability to make something out nothing. Afrisource Innovation Center is here to support , protect and market Africa’s finest Innovators through hands on participatory workshops that will empower the entrepreneur to further develop their products or services. If you need help please contact us directly through the site support Numbers provided or send your details and we will contact you!

Let's get ready to empower more of our youth and unemployed through Afrisource SME Workshops !! Various training are ongoing!

We have been innovators from the beginning it is our creative minds that have led the revolution to change the entire world.
It’s time now entrepreneurs and innovators to seize the moment! Africa Is on the rise! One of our goals is to empower the black economy by fostering partnerships that will create sustainable living! Let us rise together in the African Diaspora to build our community.
We are confident to confirm that all members in Afrisource are professionals. Ledbetter is the founder of Afrisource Innovation Center. Ms. Ledbetter has been working with distressed communities for over 20 years. Ms. Ledbetter has a professional background in teaching, community mobilization, Performing Arts, and Information. Her long – term working experience effectively brings us achievement.


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