Tackle poverty and climate change head on. Donate to Afrisource Foundation today.

Afrisource Foundation reduces poverty by :

  • Sending technical trainers to Sub-Saharan, Africa.
  • We support small businesses in Agriculture and Innovation. 
  • Fund a Innovation Center in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Hosting Multicultural Market Day Events
  • Started 2018 we have supported over 500 small businesses in the field of Agriculture and Innovation in Namibia, Africa.

There is more work to do!  Will you help us?

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Will buy 1 month training for an innovator or farmer

Will provide a transportation and phone stipend for and entreprenuer for 30 days.

Will buy disease-resistant seeds and training for two hectors of land

Will buy animal feed, medicine , shading for small holder farmer

Will help buy tools for design and print to support small businesses and smallholder farmers