It’s time now entrepreneurs and innovators to seize the moment! Africa Is on the rise!

One of our goals is to empower the black economy by fostering partnerships that will create sustainable living! Let us rise together in the African Diaspora to build our community. We have been innovators from the beginning it is our creative minds that have led the revolution to change the entire world.

Calling all innovators the situation will get worse if we can’t get our recent graduates to start training our unemployed youth! Young people start making things to build up your community.

This will help you earn a living !! Change your perspective!! Change your view!! I know it’s hot.. I know it’s tough but everything you need is right infront if you!! This will take creativity and innovation !! You can do it !! I know you can !!!


to empower the African Economy by fostering partnerships that will tiger innovation through hands on participatory SME workshops


Bring inspiration and innovation that will create sustainable living of the African People


The Core of Innovation is the ability to make something out nothing


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