How 2 start a profitable Fish Farming business in dry climate

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Leonard run Tilapia Fish Farming business in Windhoek Namibia. They made a complete self-sustainable aquaponics systems which runs on solar generators. Their idea was that they could pack up their system and have the ability to relocate it anywhere. They are able get their own food, power and clean water in one place:   

They mainly deal in tilapia because they were a Nile fish. They have low oxygen, the Nile region has a lot of heat, it’s just like Windhoek. So Egypt Cairo is Windhoek So these fish come from the same kind of environment that they will be just fine, Leonard explains. They had the Nile water feature in Windhoek and wanted to make use of it in his fish farming business.

What we did is we just had a sump pump that pumped it into the top pipe that feeds the “Aquadome”. there is another method called the air lift which we are also using. Where you create a pocket of air or bubble, just using little aerators for fish aquariums and that air bubble lifts the water up and it uses only about 15% to 20% of the energy.

The technology is simple, we needed to condition the water over a few months to do our bacteria experiment. So what happens, it’s the ammonia created by the fish that goes into the beds and the bacteria breaks down nitrites first and then another bacteria breaks it further into nitrates that feeds the plants and then cleans the water then it comes back to the fish, creating a loop that sustains everybody.

Fish farming tanks

When the water comes in from the pound it goes into the tank and back to the pond. That another pump goes up and supplies each one of these 3 main grow beds. These plants we had for months, the water had been doing its thing with the ammonia from the fish.

Tilapia Fish Farming

So we keep adding on more plants, we have something like 200 plant places holders for the plants. So we are about 1/3 there. So the water pumps up into the beds and then they have what is called a bell siphon A bell siphon , you want the water to circulate, it goes up into the tank. Then it siphons and drains all the way down fills up and down about every 15 minutes.

The Egyptian who thought that up gets a gold star, because that one I could see where that one would be a benefit for a lot of things, I wish I had been taught that in school when I was a kid. I could have used it a bunch of times.

The main tank, when it fills up and drains, it goes into the floating beds and when the floating beds are over full , they go back into the main, and the reservoir  tank, when it gets too high it goes back to the pond. The water comes in from the pond, it’s distributed out into the grow beds and float tanks then it goes back to the pond for recharge, that’s it.

When we first planned on using this fish farming system, we went to several events and got to meet a lot of people, and one of the guys had a thing called the H2OPE system and it’s H2OPE and it stands for water purification and energy So he had a water storage he created it himself and he has all kinds of different sizes.

H2OPE systems, just go look them up online, they are awesome. They got suitcase ones, big ones, little ones. This you can put 3 large marine lead/acid batteries in there. You can get Lithium Ion; you can do all kinds of stuff, whatever battery you want.

It is amazing just how fast and easy this works and I will explain how we are going to be using it to have powered water, I need pressurized water because I want to rinse my plants off, prepare them and eat them, got a table, everything but I needed pressurized water to have our fish farming system working. 

I can throw that hose into a swamp it has reverse osmosis it has an ultraviolet, a carbon filter it does alkaline, it is amazing what it does but it also pumps water, we could do irrigation filtration, we can do showers with it the “Jack-a-lope Freedom Festival” , we use this for powering everybody’s phones and everything. “The Power of the Showers” . 

When there is no sun, the power of the batteries is able to run this entire system for like 2-3 days. The other reason for the H2OPE system  is portability, if I take the domes down and load them one a trailer, This entire system can fit on a little trailer, along with it power system and you relocate it somewhere else, you got food,  purified water,  pressurized water and power.  That’s why! The whole purpose of this was to be able to be self-sustaining that was kind of the idea.  

One of the things we wanted to do, the H2OPE system worked great, but the sump pumps use a lot of electricity So we found another way called an air lift system it’s just air , like you use for aerating water for fish.

What it does, is that pump makes an air bubble at the bottom  tank and  air bubble lifts the water up and goes into the top tanks, and that is how we are going to have the water distributed to the vertical and into the tanks and so on.

Through the air lift pump the reason is, it only uses like 15 to 20% of the energy. So if we are trying to go off grid or use or use solar or something like that, this was a really cool idea, plus it came with, another growing system.

So the air-lift that is another thing to look up along with the bell siphon, look for air-lift-pump and you will see how that works and how much less energy it uses just another way to grow and operate this without using a lot of energy.

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