Ester Magano Antanga
Business Development Manager

Ester is the founder and Director of Tutaleni College since 2007. She has trained over 1,300 teachers in early childhood development and pre-primary education. She currently employs over 10 local Namibians and one international teacher in northern Namibia. Mrs. Antanga started her journey to strengthen the early childhood development sector in 1999 as a teacher at Iihwali Primary School in Ondangwa, Namibia.

Mateus Nepela
SME Manager and Youth Development

Is the owner of Sheefi Baus Car Wash and Transportation Services since 2016. The passion to start his own business was to become a young entrepreneur who could empower other young people to start an income-generating business while getting an education. Mr. Nepela is currently enrolled in the Namibia University of Science and Technology studying Business Administration.

Panduleni Hailundu
General Service and Fundraising Manager

Is the founder of HAIWO Trading CC and Pandu’s Photography Services. Pandu is a country icon in the Namibian Film, Music, and Arts Industry. Since 2013 he has become an advocate and educator for organic farm training in northern Namibia. Mr. Panduleni Hailundi has trained more than 150 smallholder farmers in northern Namibia.

Aquila Ledbetter
Afrisource Team Leader, Managing Director

Aquila Ledbetter is the founder of the Afrisource Innovation Center. Ms. Ledbetter has been working with distressed communities for over 20 years. Ms. Ledbetter has a professional background in teaching, community mobilization, Performing Arts, and Information Communication Technology.

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