Get Involved

Whether you are young or old, well off or just getting by, there are ways to help and get involved with causes that matter to you.

Take action in your community today, anyone can do it. And when it comes to income, yes, you can make money as an activist.
Activism can earn you incomes through training/workshops in your area of specialties. If you have a particular skill you want to use to benefit others please let us know.

Bring Your Ideas to Life

Please share your ideas, don’t let them sit in your head or on paper. Let’s bring it to life ! Best way to start thru Afrisource. We are like a launch pad to your success. If you feel you need to know more about Afrisource, please contact us directly through the site support Numbers provided.

Our Mission

To empower the African Economy by fostering partnerships that will tiger innovation through hands on participatory SME workshops 

Our Vision

Bring inspiration and innovation that will create sustainable living of the African People.

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