Fiina Iifo
Ms is the founder of Nurturing Ground Community Mobilization Project since 2008. Ms. Iifo is also the founder and Principal of Nurturing Ground Pre-Primary School.
The passion behind this was the heart for humanity and the desire to see progress and change amongst her local people and community by empowering them, equipping the, educating them through their talents and natural resources.
She has been working in non profit management for over 15 years and a teacher for seven years. She also has 9 years of experience in sales and support.
  • Taura received her Tertiary qualifications in Theology at NETS with Under Every Nation Leadership Institution in 2005.
  • She continued to pursue her certification in Early Childhood Development in 2006 with KIDSZANA International in Windhoek, Namibia.
  • Later on in 2010 she graduated from the YALI in Leadership and Management.
  • On top of running her local Community Based Organization, she works part-time in immersive tourism engaging the international community.
During her free time, she loves working with children, organizing events, playing her guitar, and singing.