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How to start a profitable Vegetable Farming business in 2021 and beyond

Local Vegetable Farming business is quite simple to startup and could earn you not less than $50,000 per acre. Moris and Abigail run Vegetable Farms located in a suburb near Uganda capital Kampala. They are growing high-quality organic vegetables for high-end restaurants in Kampala Suburb.   Abigail is a Computer Engineering graduate and her business […]

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Promoting Best sustainable farming practices for Africa to achieve the 2050 development goal

Donnie is the former CEO for Tyson Foods championed the sustainable farming practices for decades. Donna worked with Tyson for 36 years and he rose through the ranks as CEO. But beyond just his leadership at Tyson Foods he actually much loved the community. We are inspired by his work in Africa and his strong […]

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How to run a profitable Poultry Farming business

An unexpected phenomenon has been occurring in Africa over the past 3 decades. People of all kinds of unrelated professions have dropped out of their jobs and decided to start poultry farming business. Most of these adventurous folks have no prior experience in farming. They just got to a point where they said Screw this […]

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how to run a successful cattle farming business

Nelson runs a small family farm in northern Uganda. They have mainly focused  on commercial cattle farming. The farm has rapidly grown over the years with no signs of slowing down. They now have six full time helpers and a very large part time staff. The Nelsons recently have become large enough to even construct […]

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How 2 start a profitable Fish Farming business in dry climate

Leonard run Tilapia Fish Farming business in Windhoek Namibia. They made a complete self-sustainable aquaponics systems which runs on solar generators. Their idea was that they could pack up their system and have the ability to relocate it anywhere. They are able get their own food, power and clean water in one place:    They mainly […]

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Emerging Smart farming technologies for future food security and Entrepreneurs in the African Diaspora

Do you know that entrepreneurs in Africa have started using smart farming technologies to create highly sustainable solutions to some of the biggest and pressing problems in the agricultural sector? Agriculture is inarguably one of Africa’s most vital – and largest – sectors. It is responsible for providing food for teeming populations and even others […]

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The Core of Innovation is the ability to make something out nothing

Afrisource Innovation Center is designed to support , protect and market Africa’s finest Innovators . We also provide training in SME Sustainability. This is done thru hands on participatory workshops that will empower the entrepreneurs to further develop their products or services. If you need help just call us or send your details we will […]

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Create Job Opportunities

Entrepreneurs help our youth with jobs and the opportunity to use their skills in the workplace Africans on the continent and off the continent have been systematically denied the platform to expose, enhance, promote and brand their ideas, inventions and solutions on a global scale. Afrisource is working very hard to make an impact in […]

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Bring your own ideas to life!

We have to bring our own ideas to life! The evidence speaks below! if you have an idea but have no one to share your idea and help you bring to life…Contact us… Entreprenuers help our youth with jobs and the opportunity to use their skills in the workplace!! Inbox me…

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