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Best 6 qualities of a good farm manager

As part of our business development in Africa, Afrisource is looking at Namibia and benchmarking the data there to be able to identify what the characteristics of the farm managers were and what was it that drove their businesses? Defined culture If we’re looking at HR principles that we can implement, what are the actual […]

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6 Proven Employee Retention Strategies

Employee retention strategies involves the use of the situational analysis tools (SWOT) plays a big role. Look at your current workload, what are the average hours worked per person per week? Do you actually know this? Have you got timesheets? Do you understand when you have got your peak periods and your quieter periods and […]

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7 critical Business Communication Skills you should know

Business communication skills are important because employees are empowered and engaged when the communication is right. Take advantage of every opportunity that you can have to initiate informal but also formal communication processes. This could be from weekly meetings, workshop meetings, or in the lunchroom through to performance reviews and you know most of you […]

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Employer of choice best known practices & how 2 become one

Today we will to talk about creating employer of choice. So just to get a feel of what is coming ahead the article is around family and nonfamily labor so when I talk about employees I’m talking about our team, so everyone that we’ve got in our business team on farm. So as a bit […]

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Proven Human resource development strategies 4 business enterprises

For any human resource development strategy to succeed it’s important to have a clear vision that provides the roadmap for your farm business and outlines your goals. This allows the business to move from intuitive business planning to more formalized planning, which gives you a communication tool for your team which allows them to understand […]

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